Max Pashon

Caribbean Pop Artist

Yveson “Max Pashon” Max, better know as Max P, was born in Haiti on November 30, 1991. As a young child he loved listening to the sounds of Haitian “Compa” style music. When he and two of his siblings moved to West Palm Beach in April of 2007 is where he connected with his cousin, an inspiring artist, Dubley A.

Max Pashon started working with Dubley A writing and sing simple hooks and melodies, as well as helping with track structuring. He always felt he can do more in the music industry so he decided to pursue bigger and better challenges in his career. He began singing in 2008 because he felt like music was his way to express himself and inspire others. He teamed up on tracks with Dubley A, such as “I’m so Fly”.

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